New collection Wikipedia en español

I have launched a new collection of Spanish Wikipedia articles read by me. I hope you find it useful. Let me know.

I gave it a rose. Great voice you have !

Thanks for the new Spanish collection!


Some words are stuck together. This is typical of articles imported from Wikipedia. It is a format related problem.

en uncometa
los futurosantropólogos

@TroisRoyaumes Thanks. I have solved the issues. You’re right that we must be careful when importing from certain formats.

I love it, thanks!

Hi josemaria

I’m just curious, where are you exactly from?. I can’t pick up your accent.

Nicely read btw.

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Hi Berta. Thanks. I’m glad to hear about you.

My accent? I’m from Sevilla. I’m in LingQ since March trying to improve my English. Very interesting and useful your blog!

My warmest greetings

Hi, josemaria92000.

I look forward to listening to one of your recordings, learning how you selected the material you selected, and what software you used to make the recordings.

Continued success to you!


Nia. :slight_smile:

From Sevilla! I would never have guessed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Good luck with your studies at Lingq. And ty for your compliments on our blog :wink:

Cualquier cosa que quieras saber y te pueda ayudar, me dices, encantada de ayudarte.

Spanish lessons at Lingq: