New collection in the Talk about series in SPANISH

Hi there!

IDEL has just released a new collection in our Talk about series. This time we talk about university. Most of the vocabulary and expression may be also applied to college or school in general.

We hope you enjoy them!

Here you have the link to the collection: Talk about... university - LingQ Language Library

More Talk about collections coming soon! :wink:

For those of you who like our Madrid-Barcelona series, we also have the pleasure to announce you that we will release the 3rd season (En el restaurante) VERY soon!!

Hello IDEL.

Could you please tell me what ‘hacer peyas’ means? Is it some kind of card game?

Dear Peter

“Hacer pellas” means to skive off school

IDEL salutes you all

Hello IDEL

Could you please tell me what I should cook tonight?

P.S. I am asking this question simply because I also would like to be saluted by the Institute!

Hi Sanne

Our suggestions for today is that you could cook some steamed vegetables and fish. You could also make a nice sauce (olive oil, parsley, garlic and lemmon).

IDEL salutes you! (and we’d cook it for you if we could)

@IDEL - Muchas gracias. En la lección se escribe ‘peyas’. Me imagino que es por eso que no lo encontré en el diccionario.

@Alex/Mark/Steve - Could I please get a pencil for Spanish?

I’ve now given you the pencil, Peter :slight_smile: