New Books and Stories Added to the LingQ Library

If you’re in the mood for a bit of a challenge, you can check out some of the new courses mentioned in this post. We’ve collected recent additions to the Books shelf across several languages to give you an idea of the content we have added to our libraries on a regular basis.

As always, you can check out the What’s New shelf in your language for a full view of new lessons added this week!

German: If you’ve ever wanted to read Don Quixote… in German… now is your chance! Perfect for advanced learners who still want a carefree adventure to pass the time. Check it out here Login - LingQ

Japanese: Take a look at some short stories by Ryūnosuke
Akutagawa, the famous 20th century author. Interesting themes and challenging texts for experienced Japanese speakers. Check it out here Login - LingQ

French: The Four Daughters of Dr. Marsch is a 47-part story (long enough for you?) courtesy of Librivox. One of the easier stories in today’s post. Check it out here Login - LingQ

Spanish: Still in the mood for a mystery? The Blue Carbuncle, by Arthur Conan Doyle, might be perfect for you. Translated into Spanish, it will test your deductive abilities as much as it does your vocabulary. Check it out here Login - LingQ


North, Could you make me a French librarian? I’d like to time-stamp the ‘The Four Daughters of Dr. Marsch’ while I work with it.


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Awesome, thanks.

“The Four Daughters of Dr. Marsch” has almost 100k total words in it. :open_mouth: - 9,3k unique words.

Is there a way when I go to the What’s New shelf in my language (Latin American Spanish) to know which ones are Latin American Spanish and which ones are European without having to open each one and go into the info section? They all seem to be mixed together.

You can open the shelf by clicking on ‘View All’ and then choose an Accent filter.

Perfect! I didn’t know to do that. Thank you!!!

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