New Book Study Group begins today!

We have room for two more people in this group. It meets at 18:30 GMT each week. We will begin a study of the book “The Ultimate Gift” by Jim Stovall. This is one of my favorite books. I look forward to sharing it with you! You will need to purchase a copy of the book, but I can send you a scan of the chapters for you until your book arrives. Today we will read and discuss Chapter One. Can you join us?

Well, we missed you today. However, we only read Chapter 1, so it’s not too late to join us. If you can make it, let me know and I’ll email the first and second chapters to you so you can be reading while you wait for your book to be shipped. It is available at Amazon, and probably other places. Hope you can join us!

it ok but how i can to join you

You will need to buy points so you can join the discussion each week. You will find this topic under “Speak”. Look on Saturday at 18:30 GMT.