New Beta languages

I know it was already discussed.
But since Steve uses for Ukrainian a slot of a language he does not plan to learn in the nearest future…
Why not to add some more new Beta languages? For example, Ukrainian.
Some of the lessons Steve could make public, our Ukrainian users would add some lessons…
I guess it is not too hard to do from the technical point of view. Ukrainian is very similar to Russian, just use the same approach.
I don’t know how is it difficult to add Thai. But Ukrainian - just copy/paste the settings of the Russian slot.
The Beta languages are hidden now. Why not to give us a possibility to play with other languages?
I could also start to upload something in Belarusian…
It is hard to imagine how to collect all these 2+5+5 hours of lessons in different levels. Who may organize it and how? Why not to collect them here on LingQ?
I hope the Steve’s efforts in Ukrainian will not be in vain.