New Beta Language: Romanian

Today we launched Romanian, the newest of our beta languages! Romanian is the first language to reach the 1,000 vote threshold in our poll (, and we look forward to seeing more Romanian speakers and learners actively using LingQ to connect.

When adding Romanian, we ran into some issues that delayed the release date until today, but you should now be able to import all your Romanian lessons into LingQ and begin studying through the site!

As always, if you have any dictionaries that you would like us to add for Romanian please let us know.

Mikebond, where are you? I am starting on Romanian and need some resources. I have found the following which is not great from Columbia University.

@Alex: great news! I will let you know about dictionaries.

@Steve: I am usually sleeping at 3am… I will have a look at that page, thanks.

I have imported some items, including newspaper articles and have noticed that the diacritics are sometimes used and sometimes not. Anyone know anything about this.

Lazy Romanians don’t use diacritics, like lazy French, Polish or other peoples. Adding diacritics takes longer and is more difficult to do on smartphones or similar devices. I would avoid using texts without diacritics until I have reached a certain level of self-confidence.

I have found a couple of websites that seem to be run by the same guy, with some resources available for free and other at a pretty low price:

Maybe you could add them to the list of resources for Romanian and ask this guy if he’d like to share some of his content on LingQ.

This is a monolingual Romanian dictionary I like:
I hope you can add it.

FYI, the Romanian flag is missing from the language switch dropdown menu. Just a minor issue, I know! :slight_smile:

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Glückwunsch! I see that people are throwing out Romanian resources, so I can also recommend, a RO-EN dictionary which also translates idioms. I’ve been using it myself with fairly good results.
Proof of this: a tăia frunze la câini - | Dicţionar Englez Român | Dicţionar Român Englez | Pagina 1 - a tăia frunze la câini - literally, to cut (peel, prepare) leaves for dogs, being correctly translated into “bumming around”.
Also, “” may be monolingual, but it provides conjugation and declension.

mikebond is right, the (sometimes total) lack of diacritics is a somewhat pathological issue for us Romanians. A good explanation for this i reckon is that many Romanians use their computer’s operating system in English, which doesn’t include a Romanian keyboard by default.

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Salut tototitus! Mulțumesc for the dictionary suggestion. Will you create some lessons for us? :slight_smile:

I have written to that site Mike to ask if they want to sell their material across LingQ.

I found this newspaper and all of their articles are without diacritics. I didn’t notice at first, and google translate seemed to work anyway. I will find another source.

Thanks for the dictionaries and hope we can integrate them asap.

I am keen to learn some Romanian since I will be visiting Romania for three days from June 6-9. My lumber company has started selling Romanian lumber to the US East Coast. I will be visiting a sawmill in Rădăuţi then hope to drive from Suceava to Cluj and Sibiu before flying home.

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Steve, here are some Romanian newspapers with diacritics:

Evenimentul zilei: Cel mai bun portal de stiri - Ultimele stiri din tara si strainatate - Evenimentul Zilei

and a full list here, in case you didn’t find it: Romanian Newspapers : Ziare Rom&acarot;neşti : Newspapers from Romania : Romanian News : Europe.

Thanks for writing to that website. I hope they’ll accept your proposal.

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Thank you for adding Romanian! Please add | German-Romanian dictionary | Dicţionar german-român to the dictionaries.

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@all - OK, I’ve now added all the dictionaries listed here. I’ve also added the resources which have been suggested. Enjoy!

Are there any lessons available in the library in Romanian?

@Gingko: not yet, but hopefully soon.


Let’s see, Romanian is the only modern Romance language which still has case-inflections, isn’t it?

(Temptation…! :-D)

Yes, but no many. The language has some unique features, and 15% Slavic origin words, but seems quite easy so far. A lot easier than the Slavic languages and Korean that I have been on recently.

@J_4_J: Romanian has kept only nominative and genitive for nouns (and more cases for pronouns, like all other romance languages, and like English). Plus, it has an enclitical article, like Bulgarian and Scandinavian languages. And the vocabulary was influenced by Turkish and Slavic languages.

I am willing to pay points to any Romanian native speaker who will translate and record two LingQ beginner series course. Eating Out and Who is She. Please let me know if you are interested.