New Beginner Italian Lessons

Hi everyone, I’m proud to show you my newest collection, it is called “dueparole”

It comes from, and basically it is a simplified newspaper for Italian students.

Its articles are written by professional linguists, so they feature lots of high-frequency words, repeated pattern of usage, key vocabulary, as well as special attention to rhythm. The project, which unfortunately has been discontinued 4 years ago, was directed by Italy’s most renowned linguist, Tullio De Mauro, also author of the most comprehensive Italian Dictionaries. Nonetheless, 18 issues of the newspaper were published, and their articles cover a huge area of topics: sports, politics, culture, entertainment, italy’s press, foreign press, and leading articles.

Slowly, I’ll record all its articles, 33 are already available in the Italian Library.

Have you asked for permission? As far as I can see, the website is under copyright.

Chi utilizza totalmente o parzialmente i testi con qualunque mezzo di comunicazione deve citare la fonte “” oppure deve comunicarlo all’editore per avere l’autorizzazione.

This says that I can use their content as long as I mention its source, and I’ve done that.

@ MissTake

I’ve sent an email to the owners of “dueparole”, describing the situation. Although I’m pretty confident that they’ll give me permission to make derivative work, in case they deny me the right to do so, I’ll ask LingQ admins to remove the content. Thanks for the interest in the matter, at any rate.

UPDATE: as I said, the “dueparole” project has been discontinued. Well…the mail I sent just an hour ago returned me an error, and it seemed to me that the mail server is pretty much abandoned, with its mail addresses no longer working. In short, the website is dead, meaning no people are behind it, but it’s still on the web because no one has bothered to delete it.

In this case, since I didn’t infringe their copyright policy, having mentioned the content’s source, I feel that maybe I have the right to record the articles. After all they are my recordings, not theirs.

Maybe you can write to to be sure (Blogger: User Profile: M. Emanuela Piemontese)

See her adress on her blog

@ abc789

done what you said. Awaiting reply from her.

adalberto, you have tried to contact them, which was the right thing to do. I do not think there will be a problem. I am sure that if they ever wanted to use your recordings you would agree.

@ steve

At any rate I’ll wait for a response from the email address abc789 gave me

The mail sent to the address given me by abc789 returned me an automated reply, saying that this woman, who once was part of the “dueparole” project and is a university professor, is offduty till October 2011, and till then she’ll probably not answer emails.

I guess we can stay assured no copyright policy has been infringed here.