New at this site, want to learn german

Hi, i’m seventeen, and i have a specific concern for learning german. I would to have it mastered fluently in two years. I’m kind of confused as to how this site works, but from what i can tell, i’m going to need more than just recordings. Is there a way i can order books or something? Please help me. Thanks.

If you want to buy a book you will have to go to a bookstore. I suggest you try to avail yourself of the resources here. If you follow the beginner content and stay with the program you can be fluent in two years, I am sure.

If you have specific questions please post them on the forum.

As someone who has learned to speak 11 languages quite well, I can assure you that just by listening and reading and LingQing, you will get the exposure you need to become fluent. You will know when you are ready to speak and write, and our tutors are waiting to help you.

on the profile from Vera you will find a lot of help!

enjoy your learning!

I recommend you to use first simple texts for reading and listening from our German part of the LingQ library. It’s much better than a formal textbook. After memorizing several hundrets words you can try to sign up for a discussion with German teachers.
But you have to be exposed to a language as often as it possible, in this case you have a good chance to speak German well even in a year.

Hello and welcome to this great community.
First of all, why don’t you watch the introductory video so that you get a general idea of how it all works? After you have chosen the language you want to learn (German) and the level you are at (Beginner 1) you can look in the Library for material that interests you.
Each lesson comes with audio and text. The idea is to listen, listen, listen, followed by reading and listening etc.
When you open a lesson, you may see lots of blue words. If you hover over them, they might give you a ready-made translation, otherwise you click on New Hint and the dictionaries will pop up. You choose the Hint you like best (copy and paste works well) and press Save. This process is called LingQing. Create lots of LingQs and practise getting used to the system. It’s really effective. Have fun!