New approach - all suggestions are welcome

I am giving LingQ a second chance. I had given it a shot a few months ago but then I quit.
I guess I got caught up and lost my motivation. Also, I believe my previous approach wasn’t the best for me.
I would listen to every single lesson many times, read it many times until I would understand and remember every single word. At first it was cool, but soon it became a real struggle and I gave up.

Now I am thinking of trying something different. I will go for massive content. I’ll expose myself to a lot of new vocabulary. I’ll begin to create hundreds and thousands of lingqs. I’ll give up on flash cards and I’ll focus on reading and listening a lot. Some words and phrases will occur more often - thus I’ll learn them first. Those will be the ones most common in a particular language and those are the ones I should really care about. With time, I’ll expand my pool of vocabulary.
I’m at the beginner level in Italian so at first my plan is to go over all the free courses at LingQ. Then I should be able to find some content online and move from there.

As for English, I hope to believe I’m advanced enough to skip the courses and go for content online. I’ve already begun to import loads of articles from the Internet - I love it.

What do you folks think? All comments will be greatly appreciated!


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Indeed your first approach was too demanding, too much work for each lesson and is quite boring.
I think is a good idea to reveal the words that you’ve seen before, it is very fast to forget them but I am like you, I don’t like that much to use flashcards so I use only when my list of lingq in levels 1, 2, and 3 get too big.

You definitely should try this new approach but I would add some time to see the words again, not much time though.

Keep experimenting, you will find the best method, don’t give up.

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I agree here.

The over-and-over reviewing approach does not make sense to me personally. I just go through low level content until I reach a point that I want to try on a bit tougher content. That way I get repetition, but the context differs every time, so it’s less boring.


I was the same as you, and your new approach will be far more successful for you. At first, it might seem like you go away from lessons not understanding everything, but it is futile to try and nail down every single word.

All those times you spend trying to nail down one word, you could have exposed yourself to more content, and eventually that word will stick with you anyway.

Just have fun with it! As soon as you get bored with one lesson, move on. Eventually, you will have a pool of podcasts/content that you can come back to after you’ve left them alone for some time, and they will feel fresh and interesting to you again!

Good luck!

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