New App -- Doesn't Work in Offline Mode

The new app looks good. I spent time tonight downloading a number of lessons. After I downloaded them though, and went to offline mode, no lessons came up.

. . . . And this is using the latest Iphone

@CTaylor - Offline mode is notoriously difficult to get working properly. It seems to work for me, so any specific details about this would be helpful. How long was it after opening the lessons that you used the app in offline mode? Was it offline because service cut out or did you turn on airplane mode? If you open a lesson while online then immediately turn it to offline mode do you see that lesson in the list?

The problem seems to be that when I go into airplane mode the app shuts down and asks me to log in. Then it won’t let me log in because I’m offline. It doesn’t matter if I first shut down the app online and then try to reopen offline. Works fine on iPad.

@CTaylor - Hmm, I tried this on my iPhone and it seems to work properly. Here’s what I’m doing:

  1. Opening the app
  2. Letting the Course List load
  3. Swiping up from the bottom to open the Control Center.
  4. Tapping the Airplane icon to turn on Airplane Mode.
  5. The app then refreshes the list to show only courses that are available offline and a red “No Internet Connection” banner shows from the top.

Are you doing something different? Also, if you follow the steps above does the app still crash?

Alex, I’ve been looking at this closely.

So the answer is that it is temperamental still – though I just downloaded the new app on iphone. It’s working some now, almost like it’s gotten primed, but at times it simply requires me to re-log into the system, and then says I can’t even though I’m trying to use it in airplane mode. Shouldn’t I be able to simply turn it on in airplane mode on an airplane, say, and use the lessons that I’ve already downloaded when I was on wifi a few hours earlier?



@CTaylor - Hmm, sorry to hear this is still causing problems for you. You should be able to turn Airplane Mode on and access lessons that you’ve downloaded on wifi a few hours ago. I tried fiddling around with this a bit and have identified some small glitches, so we’ll get these fixed and see if it improves the overall reliability of the offline mode!


I’ve been working with this the past week or so as much as possible. It’s still very temperamental. Basically it seems to randomly decide two things: (1) to reset my lessons, so that suddenly I have to start from scratch downloading lessons when I’m online, after having a full battery of lessons downloaded that I’m working on; and (2) as mentioned above, it decides at times that I have to log in when I’m in airplane mode, which I can’t do of course. In the latter case, I’m unable to use the app until I get back to wifi, and then the process may or may not repeat itself.



Another update. I downloaded the latest app for my iphone. Now the app doesn’t work at all when I switch to airplane mode. It either shows that I have no lessons, the lessons are “null”, or again reverts to asking me to log in in airplane mode (which is impossible). The best I can do is get a lesson started in online mode then walk away from the wifi, and it continues to play that particular lesson without the wifi. But I think that’s likely an unrelated feature.


@CTaylor - All right, thanks for all the extra info on this. We’ve made a few small changes in the app that should appear in the next version, so I’ll do some more testing with this new version and see if I can get any of these to happen!