New Android Version 2.3.3

We have just pushed a new version of the Android app 2.3.3 which addresses the following issues:

  • crashes or freezing in lesson view
  • high power usage of the app
  • updating LingQs with special characters
  • languages automatically refresh when the language is changed
  • membership level is checked when app is already opened so membership changes can be instantly recognized

Let us know how you find it.

When I try to open a lesson in the app, the fetching text message displays for a minute or so before going away and none of the text ever displays. I just get a blank white page. The audio for the lesson does play though. Actually, I’m not sure if this is because of the app. I noticed the same issue with the previous version of the app sometime after the LingQ 2.0 update, although I can’t say for sure that is when it started. What I can say is that when the previous version was first released, I was able to view the text in a lesson.

FYI, I’ve already tried clearing the application data.

@cgreen - Does this happen all the time or just on occasion? Does it happen for all lessons? Short lessons and long lessons?

Mark, sorry for the late reply. I’ve been mostly working on longer lessons (about 10 min of audio) lately and they lesson text never displays in the app. I just tried out a shorter lesson (about 2 minutes of audio) and it appears to work OK. I get the same results with both my phone (Android 2.3.4) and my tablet (Android 4.0.4).

New version has some performance problems on my phone. When opening the app the lesson list takes a long time to load and is unresponsive to tapping and scrolling for some time after it does display on the screen. I often get a pop up about iLingQ not responding offering to kill the app. “iLingQ isn’t respoding. Do you want to close it? [Wait] [Report] [OK]”.

Once it’s loaded scrolling is often slow and choppy, making it difficult to navigate.

Similar problem loading lessons, they can take quite a long time to load. I can’t remember if I’ve seen the pop-up here as well. I haven’t had crashes while listening yet but haven’t logged many hours listening since the upgrade.

These problems are frequent and severe enough to affect my study time, I’ve been unable to load lessons or have had study time curtailed due to waiting for the app to load. I’m considering downgrading to the previous version if possible.

Can’t comment on battery life issue.

Large font option isn’t fixed.

I archived most of my lessons and the lesson list problem is much improved, though still noticeable when the lesson list is loading. I had around 15 lessons in the list, now 2.

@dcbaok - Glad to hear it’s loading a bit more quickly now that some lessons have been archived. We’ll continue to work on the app to see if we can improve the overall speed.

For the crashing and slowness, I wonder if you could send us the logs to give us a better look into why this might be happening. The steps can be found on the first page of this thread, but I’ll post them again here just in case:

  • install the app “aLogCat”
  • open the app “aLogCat” and clean the Log
  • switch to iLingQ
  • reproduce the issue in iLingQ
  • switch back to “aLogCat”
  • send the Log to support (at)