New advanced Dutch material

Now that I´m done with a bit of a Dutch marathon, I want to make it known that I´ve put a lot of advanced material in Dutch into LingQ. I feel that a lot of the smaller languages really lack interesting advanced content (like whole novels) to read and listen to, so I hope my efforts will help. Note that even if you aren´t at the advanced level yet, it can be good to try reading a bit of text at the advanced level every once in a while, to challenge yourself and see how much you understand.

This is a classic medieval knight adventure from the UK.


Thanks! I noticed some new content had been added. I’m currently reading “Het late leven”, so it is more than welcome!

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I´m glad to hear it is of some help. If you are reading Het late leven and haven´t read De Kleine Zielen first, it´s a lot better to read those two books first.

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It very much is! Thanks, but when I read it, only the first part was available. I’ll finish “Het late leven” now as I’ve already started the second part. I really like it that Dutch has so much more content nowadays. Just like with Norwegian, I was afraid to run out of content on here.

Norwegian was difficult because of a lack of content. I read a lot from but could not get a hold of any free novels I liked, cause old, public domain books in Norwegian are in an outdated form that very close to Danish. I´ve noticed that there is a good podcast in Norwegian on LingQ now, maybe not in very advanced language Login - LingQ

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I know. I read an old novel before and downloaded a book when I got my Kindle to test Heinzelnisse’s dictionary for the Kindle, only to notice that a Danish dictionary would have made more sense. I’m currently doing the course now and am glad since I had finished almost everything else.

I looked through some of the first chapters as a native Dutch speaker, yikes. I doubt any Dutch person will understand you if you speak like that.

The links don’t work and I can’t find this content. Is it still available?

The URL format has been changed to:

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