New 1 on 1 Events List and Forum Search!

In today’s release you will notice more improvements in the Events section. In fact, the first change we made is renaming Events and calling it Speak. Speak makes it more clear what that section is for. We also now refer to all speaking sessions as conversations, to standardize our terminology and make things clearer. For the same reason, we have changed the name of Store to Library since this more closely matches what you find there. In fact, many of our member-translators have already made that change in their translations.We originally chose the term Store when we thought we would be selling more content but the reality is that the content is mostly free and therefore Library makes more sense. We hope we don’t confuse too many of you with these wording changes! It should definitely be clearer for new members.

Getting back to the Speak section, many of you have found it difficult to navigate the list of available conversations since there are so many 1 on 1 conversations in the list. Therefore, we decided to put an “ad” at the end of each day in the Conversation List showing tutors with 1 on 1 conversation times available that day. Clicking on your desired tutor allows you to pick from a list of their available times creating a 1 on 1 conversation for whatever length of time you want. This is a much simpler approach then the previous 1 on 1 creation form and will make the main group conversation list less cluttered.

And yes, we have also added the much requested 24 hour advance reminder for all scheduled conversations. Now, there will be no excuse for forgetting our conversations. (Sorry, Marianne!)

Another very popular request was a search function for the Forum. We’ve added it now. At the same time we have improved the speed and quality of the search results in the Store, WorkDesk, Vocabulary pages and in the Examples search from the LingQ widget. You should find these searches much faster and more accurate than before.

We hope you enjoy these enhancements and keep the feedback coming.

Wow what a long list with improvements - thanks to all of you!

Thanks for all these changes. The change in the Events list will be noticeabled.
We know all the hard work and time you all spend on the background!

You’re forgiven Mark…only for this last time.
I’m kidding :wink:

Some of you will have been receiving multiple event reminders. We have now fixed this problem and you should only receive one from now on, 24 hours before the event. Sorry about that! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the improvements! Now it’s much easier and faster to create a 30 min one-to-one conversation.