Never Let Me Go

Never Let Me Go: Ishiguro, Mulligan Speak About The Movie

“We all lead small lives in a way.”

I downloaded a kindle version of “Never Let Me Go”, I haven’t started reading it yet, though.

All you need is to go to the pool and find . . . .

And funny sunglasses…Oh, a nice body, too.

Getting back to your ‘kindle’ (this word, by the way, sounds like a diminutive of the German word for child, but I assume it is meant to remind us of sparks of brilliance, intelligence and humour), how expensive is it to download a book as compared to buying a physical copy?

Considering that I spend about £2.00-£3.00 per foreign language book at my charity shop of choice (Amnesty International), when would it be worth my while to buy a Kindle? [Not that I ever would, I’m bound to lose it in next to no time!]

I do hope you like “Never Let Me Go”. It’s some years now since I held it in my hands, but it took a while to get it out of my head. Enjoy your purchase and your kindle book.

@SanneT ,
Thank you for letting me know about “Never Let Me Go”. Your advice made me decide to read it. I hope I will enjoy reading it. ( now I am struggling with “the Snapper”, the slang is so difficult! )

I read a translated version of “Die unendliche Geschichte” written by Michael Ende, and I came across the word " Mondenkint "( this name is an important part of the story). So I understand the sound of “kindle” is quite similar to that of “child” in German.

As for the price, all I know is that a book price for Kindle is slightly cheaper than a paper version, but not significantly cheaper so far.( I hope that they will reduce the price a lot more! ).

There are children’s book series called “Kinder book.” Some people might feel nostalgia to see the front pages of those books.

There is a children’s book series called “Kinder book.” Some people might feel nostalgic to see the front pages of those books.