So I just recently paid for a lingq subscription, mostly to import ebooks and read them, but as of today nothing imported will open.

I tried deleting my ebooks, reuploading, but whenever I attempt to open a lesson, I get the same above error message.

I’m not a computer-savy person and don’t know how to fix this or what’s going on. Suffice to say, if these sort of hiccups are a regular occurence or this isn’t fixed quickly, I’d like my money want.

So whatever course I’ve imported or import, I just get this same error message over and over.
I’m pretty ****** angry, nothing is wrong with my internet connection, and I just reimported a bunch of ebooks but when attempting to access, the same result.

its a problem with lingq. They are trying to correct it, or to make things worst… we never know.

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Sorry about that, everyone. We will push a fix shortly!

@ Dreaming_Butterfly :blush:
Your commentary on LingQ’s updates/bugs have kept me laughing all day. . . particularly when I can’t study due to gateway errors, etc.

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So in my case it seems to have been the adblocker, disabling it for this site fixed the problem.
Strangely this wasn’t an issue until today, but that is what it is I guess.

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