Netflix Subtitles No Longer Importing

Hello. I’ve been loving this new feature on LingQ and really going to town with it.

Recent problem: I suddenly cannot any of the next episodes of “La Reina del Sur” on Netflix. I was able to import all of Season 1 with no trouble a few months ago. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been able to import the first 15 episodes of Season 2 with no problems. However, when I tried to import episodes 15-23 this evening, I was greeted with this message: " Error: No appropriate captions found." I know they are there because I’ve already watched the episodes with the Spanish subtitles.

My computer: Windows 10; Latest version of Firefox.

Thank you!

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Having the same issue. Redownloaded the plugin to no avail.

I am having the same problems on my macbook. I’ve tried different shows on both firefox and chrome

Sorry about that. We are already familiar with that issue and our team is looking into it. Hopefully we will have it fixed soon.
Thanks for your patience!

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Me too! I’m very sad . . . I hope this won’t be a permanent issue

Japanese is also broken

I really hope they will fix it I am having to use a work around and is so time consuming

Any update to this? I’m still having troubles.

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Somehow mine works but it does not import audio only the subtitles which is enough but will love the audio too since I have to play the video along and most of the time I am on mobile so the screen is too small

I am meeting the same probelem , when I use this function , it appear “No appropriate captions found.”

This issue has been resolved on Firefox. The new FF extension now imports from Netflix again. The Chrome extension should also be updated sometime today and will also be able to import from Netflix again. The Safari extension will hopefully be updated sometime this week. Sorry and thanks for your patience.

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The new Chrome Extension is now available. You may have to remove and re-install the extension to use it right away. I’m not sure how long Chrome takes to update the extension automatically.

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Chrome is now working for me again!

The Safari extension has now also been updated. Please go to the Extension page Get the LingQ Importer - Safari extension! and re-download and install the extension to get the update. You will likely have to close and open Safari after doing so.

Confirmed operational again. Just had a chance to try. Thanks again. And just in time for La Reina del Sur season 2 to me from Canadian Netflix to American Netflix. Merry Christmas to the LingQ family and gang!

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