Netflix Service- movies?

One of my cousins who is currently living in Dallas, Texas.

He shared his user id and passowrd on the site for downloading/watching movies.

I’m currently living in Karachi,Pakistan.

When I opened the site, I was able to sign in but I was getting this message “Unfortunately, this service is not available in your country as yet.”

i’m wondering if there is a way around to it. Any inputs will be highly appreciated.

Well, technically using an American VPN service would be “a way around”.

@eugrus …which VPN service is free and reliable, in your opinion.

I am not a computer savvy …however, i came across this weblink.

will HOTSPOT shield work?

HotSpot Shield is easy to try, but all free VPN services have considerable speed limits. It’s better to have a paid one if you consider a constant use.

Thanks for your help.

I am a gringo, living in Colombia. I had the same problem with and Netflix. I am using a USA based VPN called … … It cost about $100 USD per year and it is well worth it.

I am personally considering

I doubt you researched anything. I believe this is either your company, it is a scam or you are paid to spam for this place.

Why is there even a thread here on this topic which has absolutely nothing to do with the site? It’s just opening the doors to spam.

I guess it’s OK to talk about things that has nothing to do with the site (like traveling or your hobbies?), but spam is quite inappropriate here (I presume)…

(removed the spam post)

The Open Forum is just that – open. :slight_smile:

Just not ‘wide-open’ haha. :slight_smile: