Netflix Import Issue

Hi. I don’t know if this is a known/ repeat issue (couldn’t find anything in similar topics), but I’m having an issue importing Netflix subtitles in to LingQ. When I import the episode lesson, what I actually get when I open the lesson is a summary, in English, of all the episodes in the entire show.

I’m trying to import the first episode of a Turkish series on Netflix using my iPad Pro, opening Netflix on Safari.

I open the episode, press pause and ensure the subtitles are on and in Turkish. I then go to the export/share button (if that’s what it’s called… the little square with an upwards pointing arrow in the top right of the Safari browser) and select the LingQ icon. A little ‘import lesson’ box opens up, and I add the title, change where in LingQ I want to store it etc, then press ‘save’.

Is this a me issue or a LingQ issue?

We are looking into it, thanks for reporting.

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