HELLO MY NETFLIX IMPORT IS NOT WORKING, I can’t pay 12.99 a month for something so intergal not to work

We are working on it and we will push a fix soon. Thanks for your patience.

Hi! My netflix import is has not been working for the past few days either, is there something I can do to fix it?

Hi Zoran, I feel it is still not working. Are there any updates?

Edited: Fix no longer needed

Should be fixed now. Make sure to install the latest extension version.

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My Netflix is still not working. Are you saying I need to delete the Lingq extension in Chrome and add it again? Please explain.

@sassysocks Yes, please install the latest version from the Chrome store.

Youtube import also not working for me today, just tried uninstalling and re-installing as advised but it didn’t help

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Same for me

LingQ v2.1.0
Firefox 92.0.1

I will watch the thread for updates

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Same for me. It works in Chrome, but not Firefox.

@adam_s_1 @noxialisrex @tobi-juan Do you guys all have problem importing YouTube videos only, on Firefox?

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Yes, the issue is with FF only.

Hello zoran, Netflix is OK but not YouTube.

Thanks. We will get it fixed.

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I also have a problem with importing articles because I can only choose between a limited list of courses where I want to add the new lesson.

@JulianiTOgo We will push a fix for that soon.

Hello, I presume there is still no fix yet as YouTube import is still broken?


@tobi-juan YT import actually works fine at the moment. Shouldn’t be any problems. What browser are you using? Are you sure video you are trying to import have available subtitles?