Nested replies

If you use only the first level of the nested reply system, it is the same as the old mode of the forum.

hehe, if you hid them or partially hid the first response, each time, it is the same as the old mode as well. Also if you didn’t keep indenting them after that, it would be overall a lot better. No cliquey tangents to bother new users or distract from the thread. Still the same old mode, but better threads.

We cannot hide any responses. We can only refrain from using more than one-level or two-levels of nests.

If you only use the box below the first post, the messages are arranged in chronological order. It’s the same as the old mode of the LingQ forum. Your message is added to the bottom of the thread as the latest one.

But users will not do this because the “Answer” button below the latest post looks like an invitation to press it.


If we aren’t careful, we are growing to like the new way! Beware! :slight_smile: