Nepali Resources

I’m trying to learn the Nepali language, but I can’t really find any good resources to learn it, or even translate texts properly. Can anyone help?

I’ve also had difficulty finding good Nepali materials or resources. Teach Yourself has an introductory book (Complete Nepali). It’s decent.

The website Memrise has some very limited Nepali resources too.

Also here is an old Peace Corps manual:

Good luck! Please share if you find any additional materials


Alright, thanks!

Other than those, I’ve found a few youtube channels, some resources on a website called, and some other things on I also intend to use some books designed for Nepali kids, but I haven’t managed to find any of those yet.

Jw. Org

Awake magazine, for example, esp. Older issues, offers articles on human behaviour/relationships, history, nature or lifestyle.
Unfortunately not as audio.

I use it a lot, because the vocabulary is imho excellent. In my TL (swedish) the audio is great, even different dialects.
Religious messages aside, one of the best language ressources.

Nice, thanks for sharing!

I forgot to mention that you might be to look into programs at Rangyung Yeshe Institute in Nepal (they teach Tibetan and Nepali). I’ve heard great things. They had online Nepali courses during the pandemic but don’t seem to have them anymore.

Also, the Alliance Francaise of Kathmandu has some Nepali courses and good online teaching infrastructure:

As a pipe dream it’d be amazing to have Nepali on Lingq, but I’m advocating for Hindi(-)Urdu because it’s the 3rd most spoken language in the world.

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