Neither audio shortcut nor audio button in sentence mode work on 2nd sentence

When I enter a lesson (any lesson) both in Finnish and in Swedish, then I can listen to the first sentence I want to (whichever sentence that is). After that neither the shortcut () nor the button for audio works on other sentences. The only way for me to listen to the audio is to edit the sentence and press the play button in the edit sentence mode. If I return to the original sentence I listened to, then I can listen to that sentence again, but all the following sentences do no longer play audio.

If I refresh, or re-enter the lesson, I can again listen to one sentence. After that all sentences following refuse to play the audio, unless I edit that sentence.


Same here, probably introduced with yesterday’s update, website version 5.0.137.
Have to say the last couple of web updates have been pretty rough, lots of breakage…


Yes, the real issue here is quality control.


I am also experiencing the same problem while trying to listen audio in sentence mode – the audio is only played for one sentence.

When I was reloading a lesson page to see if it would help with the audio problem, my reader settings were reset to defaults (not a big deal compared to audio issue).

I hope the audio gets fixed soon!

Yeah I just noticed the same issue. Also, the audio from a story I just imported does not play at all.

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I am having the same problem. What can be done??

Same here

Thanks, we will look into it.

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