Negative numbers

Somehow I ended up with negative numbers in my “Hours of Listening” and “Words of Reading” totals for today. I’m not sure how it came about, but I think my LingQ activity on my iPhone this morning counted against me. Now that I’m working on the website, I seem to be climbing back up to zero in both categories.

Were you reading and listening backwards? :smiley:

That would explain my French!

@solanderdog - I wonder if you decreased the listening and reading counters for an older lesson which may have resulted in your short-term statistics going negative. Do you recollect doing anything like this?

No, I didn’t do that, not on purpose anyways.

@solanderdog - I’m not sure what would have caused this then. For now maybe you can just manually adjust your statistics to correct this, but if you notice it happen again be sure to let us know.