Negative listening stats

Recently un-installed the app, and reinstalled it. The app runs fine now with no problems however, I have noticed over the last few days, my stats have been in the negative. Two days ago for instance, I listened to roughly an hour of Russian lessons, but the next day when I came on Lingq, my stats showed -2.4 hours of listening, yesterday I did roughly 40 minutes, and today displayed, is -0.1. I’m guessing this is a sync issue, how do I fix it? The app is running on android.

@AHerringGull - There seem to still be some issues with statistics on the app. We are looking into this now and hope to have it fixed soon!

@AHerringGull - Just following up to see if you’ve noticed this happen in the latest version of the app or not. Hopefully it’s working properly now :slight_smile:

I will uninstall and reinstall tomorrow, then let you know how its goes mate.

@Alex, listening stats now appear to be syncing fine between the site and the app and appear correct, however, my reading stats are now in a negative.

@Alex, after a day of listening, my stats went from about 0.3 hours to 0.6 to 1.3 then back down to 0.5. So the app appears to be still faulty. I’m also about -2k words.

@AHerringGull - Thanks for following up! Since it seems to have been affected quite quickly, it would be helpful if you would be able to document what you do over the period of a day or so with regard to the site then report back, as this may help us get a better idea of how to reproduce this (and thereby how to fix this!).

Ok, I have been watching the amount of listening time I have done and the app now seems to be working fine in that respect. However, it seems that by listening to a lesson, a negative count of the reading is done, so if I listen to a lesson with 100 words, the reading counter will show -100.

Thanks for the additional info, and sorry for the delay in getting back to you! Things have been a bit busy with our recent update. I’ll take a thorough look into this next week to see what I can do to reproduce this so our Android developer can get it fixed!

I’ve had some time today to look into this, and despite several attempts to augment the times of listening I haven’t seen any decreases in the words of reading except for when decreasing the times of reading counter. Have you been able to consistently reproduce this? If so, I wonder where you are increasing the times of listening counter, and if you’re actually seeing a decrease in the times of reading for that lesson, or if it’s just in the Progress Snapshot on the site?