Negative hours of listening

My “Hours of Listening” value for Russian is -0.3 hours.

Not sure how it went negative. I’ve been listening to a few long and short lessons using the iPhone app, both online and offline.

@keke_eo - Sorry to hear you are having this trouble. Could you provide us with a bit more detail? Is it the first time you noticed that? What was the hour count on your iPhone app?

It’s a syncing issue with the iPhone. Always refresh the lessons before and after using the app to avoid the totals getting out of sync.

My best guess is that something like this happens:

  1. Total listens on site = 10
  2. Sync occurs, total listens on iPhone is 10.
  3. More listens occur on the site. Total = 20.
  4. The next day arrives
  5. A few listens occur on the iPhone total now is 15.
  6. Sync occurs, the site is updated from the phone and the total is now 15.
  7. 15 for today minus 20 for yesterday = -5 listens

I just noticed it for the first time - I’ll have to try the tests that neofight kindly suggested and get back to you.

Were you walking backwards while listening on the iPhone? If I remember those general relativity courses I took as an undergraduate, that can cause things like this to happen.

@neofight78 - Is your iPhone disconnecting from the internet at any point during this process? I poked around a little bit and was able to find an issue while in offline mode, but when reconnecting it seems to work properly.

Hi Alex, it’s a while since I had this problem as now make sure to regular sync my phone before and after listening. I used to listen on the drive to work, it would occasionally lose connectivity and crash. I’ve rarely seen it switch to offline mode, as I think more usually there is a poor connection that times out rather than the phone going offline completely.

@neofight how can you tell if it’s in offline mode? how do you go online again?
do status changes only sync if you drag down on the lesson list?

A big banner appears at the top of the screen telling you that the app is switching between on and offline mode if it happens whilst using the app. Also on the lesson screen at the bottom there is a message saying only lessons previously opened are available offline.

I continue to have the problem that I get negative hours. After narrowing it down, it comes to a few podcasts or songs that I imported. I’ve troubleshooted this with the admin team and everything was imported properly I just haven’t isolated the problem yet and frankly I skip over these specific podcasts and plan to address the problem in the future. Ich habe jedoch keine Zeit!!

@neofight>“A big banner appears at the top of the screen”

Is this on iPhone or Android? I’ve never seen any such banner…

@keke_eo - He’s right, when you lose connection it will show something like this:

@neofight78 - I’ve done a bit more testing here and seem to have come across an issue that may explain why this is happening. If you go to a lesson, adjust the counter, return to the lesson screen, go back to the lesson, adjust the counter again, etc. then you’ll notice that it will go out of sync. This probably explains why some strange numbers are being recorded in the Progress Snapshot. We’re hard at work on a new version of the app so I’m not sure whether we’ll be able to get this in a smaller update before then, so you may just want to double check and refresh the lesson list an extra time or two to make sure this number is correct. In any case, we’ll take it from here!

Interesting. As I say I always refresh frequently and so the problem doesn’t happen for me anymore.

Not to hijack the thread, but recently on a train journey I was frustrated to find on both my iPhone and iPad that some lessons had no flashcards whilst some had double (they were all duplicated), so this is another area of syncing that needs investigation.

And finally, please, please, please could we have the syncing of playlists? :slight_smile: