Negative coins

I’ve accidentally added all words from a lesson to known. Then I went through it and marked all the words the correct way.
As a result I have a huge negative amount of coins for this day. Why is that? It has no sense to me. I must have more known words after going through the lesson than before. Even if it’s not, it can’t explain such a big minus.

You will need to create enough positive coins to reverse any negatives and complete your streak target. You get negative coins when you create LingQs from Known words.
When marking words known, you get coins, but if you later click on that same Known word, and create a LingQ of it, your coins get removed, and that is why the number can be negative.

How many negative coins do you have?

I get that adding word to known increase coins, while “downgrading” it to linq decrease coins.
However should not their sum give zero in my case? In fact, I should had more known words after going through the lesson than before I even created it.
It looks as if ”downgrading” a word substracts more coins than “upgrading” them adds. That‘s the mechanic I can’t understand.
I think it was -400 coins for a three-paged (on phone) lesson. I don’t care so much about it at this point because I have just started using Lingq.

That does seem weird. We will investigate it further. Thanks for letting me know.

The problem is when you save “chunk phrase” it may include one or several known word. But the chunk has completely different meaning. punishing the language learner for saving chunks or even previously known words seems counterintuitive.

Saving a phrase doesn’t affect individual words, you won’t lose any coins in that case.