Negative coins from LingQ’s?


Im quite new to LingQ but from what I understand, I shouldn’t be getting negative coins from creating LingQ’s with known words?

Im somehow at negative -250 coins! That seems very strange indeed. Im not quite sure I understand the purpose of that. Perhaps it’s for some sort of equal chance / opportunity in the monthly contests, but it’s quite unrewarding.

Is it possible my app is buggy? I like the way LingQ works but this seems really counterintuitive.


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Its not a Bug. You get coins for known words, and if you undo it, the coins go away from that word. For example, if you marked 20 words known yesterday and earned 100 coins for it, then you undo it to lingQ’s today. The system doesn’t subtract the coins on the day you marked them knwon, but simply subtracts them from the day you marked them back to lingQ’s. Then you’d have 100 minus coins today, but in total its correct.

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Thanks for your reply. What exactly do you mean by undo it? Or unlearn words? I may have unlearned one word that I accidentally marked as learned in the initial stages of learning the app, but I certainly haven’t unlearned negative 300 coins worth (it went to -300 as I continued with the app). Is there some thing I’m missing? Does it unlearn words when you add in new phrases which include words you’ve individually learned?

If what you mentioned is the reason, it technically doesn’t add up for me.

Thanks mate!

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Are you sure it was just one word? These negative numbers will happen and users will have to create enough positive coins to reverse any negatives and complete their streak targets. You get negative coins when you create LingQs (yellow words) from Known words (white words).

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