Needs better "My Lessons" deleting function

Be better when can be possible to delete lesson’s two or more. Then you have 20 lessons or more, it’s difficult to delete them.

I’ve always thought that it would be nice to select lesons by the checkbox on the left side, then have a drop down menu which has things like: archive, delete, maybe some other feature not yet implemented so that’s all I can think of right now.

But, I remember Alex saying that they are going to do some work on the My Lessons section. Certainly it needs some ability to order things better and maybe in doing that, this feature will come in too.

We don’t have any plans to build a batch delete function on the My Lessons page. Most lessons don’t need to be deleted but can simply be archived. To archive just click on the select box beside the lesson you want to archive. You can always find it in your archived lessons and open it again in the future. On the list view you will need to be looking at the Active lessons to see the archive tickbox. There is no need to select and then hit another control to archive. The lessons archive right away when you select them.

+1 for bulk delete and bulk archive :slight_smile: