Needed future Updates. Online Status, Graphs, and overlapping LingQs loading issue

  • LingQ use to allow me to see if people where online. I really liked that feature, I hope it will come back in the future.
  • I would really like to see other peoples Graphs.
  • I have noticed when you have two overlapping LingQs. For Example: You have a full sentence you have highlighted, and within that sentence you have a phrase highlighted as well. If you click the highlighted sentence it doesn’t want to load on the side bar that there are 2 different lingQs. It just keeps saying loading and never shows both lingQs. However sometimes it will work immediately, and won’t load at all.
  • When it comes to LingQ app, highlighting full sentences could be so much quicker and smoother if you double tapped on a word and dragged your finger and when you let go, it immediately gives you the translation. (Right now you have to hold down on a word, then you have to wait for the blue highlight, then you have to grab the blue window to where you want it, then you have to click “Add LingQ”.) I think it would be much smoother experience this way.
    Sorry I tried to explain this as well I could. I hope this made sense.

Also when you come to a page of a lingq user that is learning language(s) that you do not and you click on his statistics in this language, that language adds up to yours. It is extremely annoying, I constantly have to remove those languages that popped up because of this.


Sorry also I might add that this post isn’t meant to be bossy or complainy. I really enjoy using LingQ.


Yep… that is annoying!

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Thanks everyone for the feedback!

Regarding that status, we’ll see if we can bring it back at some point. It was removed in the interest of page load time.
Other people’s graphs are something we can look at adding back when we revisit the profile or stats page. What other things would you like to see when looking at other user’s profiles?
We show the longest phrase available when you click to view your saved phrases. What platform are you seeing this other behaviour on? If you have created a LingQ for a sentence, that sentence will show. You can’t see the shorter phrases at all. Normally, we don’t recommend LingQing sentences. You should be trying to find chunks of the sentence to LingQ that you can learn to use. If you are doing this to get a sentence translation, I recommend using Sentence Mode instead, where you can see the sentence translation without creating a LingQ for it.
We have to use the built in selection mechanism for the device. That other option is not something we can do without a lot of effort I suspect.

We will look into the profile language issue. Thanks for pointing that out.