Need tech-savvy person's help

Here’s what I want to do:

Make a page/webpage/etc to study Korean that utilizes audio files. Using one can get countless mp3’s for individual words, and I would like to use them to make a speaking reference sheet.

So if I put 선생님 (teacher) on the page, by either scrolling over it or clicking it I could have the associated audio file from Forvo play. I think I can do it on WordPress but I’d have to pay. It seems like this should be so easy to do but I am a bit computer-un-savvy.

Anyone know how I can do this?



I’m not sure what you’re asking. Are you asking for free web hosting recommendations for this webpage of yours?

I don’t even necessarily want a webpage, I just want to make such a thing for my own personal use. I just assume webpages have such a capability. If this could be done on Word or something that would be preferred.

I just want my notes to be more than just words on a page, with audio which is instantaneously accessed and heard. It would be a great study help to drill the sounds of words into me noggin. Any suggestions appreciated. Cheers

It might be possible to setup a website that could do that but I doubt it would be easy, especially if doesn’t have any kind of api setup to handle that sort of request. If you’re going to be reviewing a specific list of words, it might be easier to just save the audio off of forvo’s website if that is possible. Are you subscribed to LingQ? While reading on LingQ, if you click on a LingQ that you’ve created there is an audio button that will play the word. I believe the audio is being pulled from Google’s TTS. It’s computerized so it doesn’t sound natural but it is quick.

ANKI can associate audio files w/ “flashcards,” I am pretty sure. You might want to take a look there. This fellow may tell you how to do this flashcard-sound association on ANKI, although I am not sure, as I’ve only read or watched a little of what he has to say–which is very interesting. Fluent Forever - YouTube . and Using Anki for language learning (Spaced Repetition) .

Ding dong.

That’s it – perfect!

Thanks for the advice.