Need some advice in determining which is my appropriate level

Greetings everyone. I’m currently learning Russian and I am undecided as to what my appropriate level is. According to Lingq, I am at an Intermediate 1 level but this is where the confusion kicks in: Evgueni’s lesson “How to work with texts” says that the new lessons that you learn should not have more than 15-20% of new words but most of the Intermediate 1 Russian lessons that I encounter have a lot more new words (about 50% of them are new). Should I go back to the Beginner 2 lessons and review them or is it more ideal to stick with the difficult Intermediate 1 lessons for now?

Thanks in advance.

Stick with whatever interests you the most.

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You may find easier lessons at A2 level if the lessons of B1 level seem to you too difficult. It usually depends on each lesson’s content.
My wife learns English. She had troubles understanding some lessons at the Beginner levels but understands other lessons at the Intermediate 1 level pretty good :slight_smile:

Personally I would say 50% is too much, but that’s just my feeling. I study intermediate 1 too and i only have about 10% new words. I find this works for me. Maybe, I’m not pushing myself enough, but I feel confortable at this level and feel I am learning alot without being overwhelmed.

I find that 50% is probably a bit too much, but still it can be done. I am reading a book on LingQ at the moment in Russian where much more than 50% of the words are unknown to me. I can still read it, but I can only understand it because it is a kids book and I read it in German first. It is still very tiring and tedious.

Also remember that 50% new words does not correspond to 50% unknown words. The percentage of unknown words is likely to be much higher given that there will also be many already made LingQs in the text.

I always found about 15% new words most enjoyable. The lessons on LingQ are sometimes not marked with the correct level. You should not mind about the level. Just look for the percentage of new words, and what you like.

I should probably even aim for a lower number than Vera as since I have started the 90 day challenge I’ve made over 9000 lingq’s and know close to 2000 words. Many lesson have well over 30 lingq’s at beginner 2 and if I add say 10 percent unknown words the words I can actually understand are maybe 60-70 percent if I’m lucky. The lessons where I know 80 to 90 percent of the words I find most enjoyable.