Need Serbian content

Is there anyone who knows about content with audio and text of the simpler type in Serbian? I don’t really know what I’m looking for, but I have no problems watching, say, cartoons on youtube or using other children’s material as long as it’s not too simple and has text and sound. It doesn’t need to be free. Too simple would be a picture book for two year olds with only single words or phrases. For Russian I was lucky to find the cartoon Маша и медведь (Masha and the bear), which (at least on the official Russian channel with the same name) turned out to have subtitles for many episodes. I suppose audiobooks would be okay too as long as they’re not too long or complicated as my Serbian level is currently very basic. Also, music is an alternative. I don’t know of any Serbian music, so if anyone could give me hints I’d be grateful. I love music. Thanks.

Hi ijoh,
I am from Serbia, so maybe I can help! :slight_smile:
Not sure about content with audio, I’ll see if I can find some, but what kind of music do you prefer? Pop, rock, or something more traditional maybe?

Thanks! My music taste is all over the place. Metal, rock, jazz, classical, opera, folk, klezmer, and a little pop, so I’m sure if you gave me a list of examples maybe from different genres to get started I would find something interesting. Discovering the music culture of different countries is something I like doing, be it folk or rock/pop music.

Zoran, can you as an administrator influence the LingQ team to add a Serbian language slot?
Will it be hard to find any content with audio? For example, LibriVox has nothing in Serbian.

Maybe even a Serbo-Croatian slot.

@ijoh In that case, you can start with this:
Rock - probably most famous rock band in Serbia is Riblja Čorba (Fish Stew). Here are some of their songs with lyrics:

and more from other rock bands:



Some traditional songs from Vojvodina (North Serbia):

Not sure if you will like any of these, but while listening you’ll see some suggestions from YT on the right, so you can try something else. Let me know if I can help with something else!

@Ress Of course that I would be glad to have Serbian slot at LingQ, but before we add slot for new language we need to have enough content for it (New Languages on LingQ). I am not sure if there is enough resources available for Serbian online, but hopefully we will have it on LingQ one day.

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