Need help with an interview for school about language learning

Im looking for a person willing to do an interview who as an adult has achieved a CEFR B1 (ILR 3) or higher in a language. This interview is for my university project and will be shown to the class but I will hide your name and and recognizable info. The interview can be done over voice or through text, which ever you prefer. It will be on topics relating to your language learning such as how long it took, difficulties you encountered, etc…

I’d be willing to help. My Spanish is at least that good and I have been pretty meticulous in terms of keeping track of learning progress, details, etc. I had taken some French and Spanish in school, but it wasn’t until I started learning on my own as an adult did I become fluent.

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sorry about the delay i just realized the phone version doesn’t show forum posts D: If your still interested you can email me at and then we can further discuss how you would like to do it.

Okay, I will try to email soon. thanks.