Need help with a Russian dialog

If I understand correctly, one guy is asking another one why the latter always goes to Sochi for a rest. The other guy in response says that he has many friends there. Then the inquirer says he wishes he could also go there. Finally the lieutenant says something about enemies, how is this relevant to the rest of the passage ? I don’t understand the last part at all.

That’s not a dialog, in fact it’s a funny story.
Rzhevsky is not just some random name. Поручик Ржевский is an archetypal lover-boy and dirty tongue.
His friends in Sochi are all ladies.
His foes there are - just pay attention to their names - their husbands. :slight_smile:

what about the verb " хватает ", how would it be translated in this context? the dictionary says it means to grab or to hold. I assume that the subject is singular but врагов is plural…

It is an impersonal sentence: (There are/it is ) enough enemies there for me. Хватает can be translated as “it is enough for me”

The verb “хватать” has two different meaning: to grasp and to be enough.
This second meaning is now even more popular, for example:
Мне не хватает денег.
Мне не хватает времени на занятия русским языком.
Спасибо, мне всего хватает.
But all these senternces are impersonal: they don’t have a subject, instead of Nominative we use there Dative:
Мне, тебе, ему, им чего-то не хватает.

Sometimes we use construction "У меня/у тебя /у него/у нее/у нас/у вас/у них + хватает= I have enough. So, you may say : Мне хватает денег(I earn enough money). У меня хватает денег купить автомобиль. (I have/saved enough money to buy a car)