Need help. What does "wonderbar" mean?

Hi, everybody. I need some help.

What does “wonderbar” mean?
Have this word a secondary meaning in another sense (beyond these: wonderful!, fantastic!, marvelous!, splendid!)?
Do you have some phrases with this word?


You have a few good ideas about the word already. Words often do not have exact equivalents in another language. As is possible in my first language, English, and almost for sure in all others as well, meanings very often depend on the context. This especially applies to words such as “wunderbar”, which is probably the word you are writing about. You will find out more about the way words are actually used in a language as you encounter them in your reading and listening. So do not look for further meanings, keep on reading and listening!

If it’s German, so it will be ‘wunderbar’ not ‘wonderbar’.
THe main definition is ‘something very beautiful or very nice’.
But for all words in all languages it’s very important the context where tjis word is used. According to the context the meaning of the word can be a bit different.
Some examples with ‘wunderbar’=‘wundervoll’:
Das Wetter war so wunderbar.
Das ist einfach wunderbar!
Wir haben einen wunderbaren Tag verbracht.
Dieser Wein ist etwas Wunderbares.

Good luck with German!

Hi. I would like to thank you all, rae68, locogringo and you evgueny40.

This is the link of the music in that this word appears.

The band Rammstein is truly German. The song satirizes the American cultural colonization process. The lyrics mix English and German. They use this word, wunderbar, and because of that I wanted to understand if there was some meaning opposite to the obvious.

“Colonization Coca-Cola is a term used to define the erosion of cultures of countries and their exchange by mass culture, globalized, usually attributed to American domination.”

Thank you again.