Need help understanding the Lingq symbols and indications

I am not sure I am understanding what the different indications mean in the lessons/courses.

In the attached screen shot you can see that the little yellow box for each lesson (as well as the course) shows that I have no Lingq’s for each lesson. However, if I actually open up any of these lessons they all have at least a few words that have been marked yellow (which I understand to be a Lingq).

So, my question is, why do the lesson cards and the overall course indicate that I have no Lingqs in these lessons?

Am I misunderstanding what these symbols mean?

No you have not misunderstood…unfortunately it’s broken :frowning:

Yellow = lingqs for that lesson
Blue = unknown words

Sorry, just found this thread. Those should be working properly now. Are they not working for you still?

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Seems to be working fine now, thank you