Need help to load an ebook from Apple books

I want to upload a book I just purchased that appears on Apple Books into LingQ but I have no idea how to do it. The LingQ instructions say to drop something onto its page but there is nothing that I see on the Apple Books page of the book itself (either the cover or the pages with the text) that indicate what format the book is in and how to transfer it anywhere. I am totally mystified. Has anyone else successfully done this and if so, HOW?
Please be specific and assume I know nothing. Thanks.

It’s not possible to import Apple ebooks because they are encrypted to stop you from using it outside of apple’s readers.

You could take pictures of the pages of the book, and use OCR to get a text that you can import into Lingq. It is a bit of work, but in this way it can be done. Use printscreen to get the pictures.

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I’ve had such issues as well.

Thanks for the info. At least I know that I am not doing something incorrectly. bescheelings, thanks for the suggestion and I did do that for the first two pages but then it was way too tedious so I stopped. It would have been ideal to be able to add the words I know and new words into my LingQ account, but I ultimately decided that wasn’t really necessary at my level. In the Apple books I can make a note and add a translation (I can highlight a word or phrase in yellow as in LingQ). Apple doesn’t provide me with a list of highlighted words to review of course, but I could do that myself or not.
I decided to just read the book on my own and enjoy it as is.

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