Need help regarding Rooster Master tool for YouTube and Reading Articles

So, I just saw this post where there is a tool called Rooster Master which i can use with Spotify, YouTube and what not.
I most watch videos on Youtube and read News Articles,
So, it will be great if someone can here tell me or send relevant links here.
I went through the post and there are lots of links and I got confused.
Thanks for the help!

Hi @Yoda_Basit

Thanks for taking interest. If you spend a lot of time on Youtube this tool is a game changer.

The MasterLingQ extension has extra features for the LingQ website as well as for various video websites.

On the video websites you can automatically create lessons for as many languages as you need and inject/overlay them onto the video player. Most things here are customizable and there are too many built in features to talk about in a forum post.

The LingQ website tools are various but include some good quality of life improvements.

Most features are not free. The best tools can be purchased for a one-time-fee individually or as a package. There are also some discounts available.

You can read more about each individual feature by following the links on the Rooster Web Extensions page.

Edit: I should mention these are tools for web browsers.
Firefox is recommended and supports all the features. Some of the video tools are supported on Chrome/Edge.


Thanks for the comment! I will test your product!

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