Need few tips on importing lessons

I want to upload some librivox audiobooks, first - The adventures of Tom Sawyer - and I have two questions:
1 how to check wasn’t it uploaded already?
2 can I edit course/lesson after I make it public?

You should definitely check if content is already uploaded. It is done in 1 or 2 minutes.

Searching for Tom Sayer in the English library gives the following results:
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain: Login - LingQ
Tom Sawyer, Detective by Mark Twain: Login - LingQ
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain: Login - LingQ
Tom Sawyer Abroad by Mark Twain: Login - LingQ

And yes, you can still edit published courses and lessons.

Personally I prefer contemporary literature over classical for language learning. I like classical literature too, but for learning the language how it is spoken in our days it is better to use content that reflects the language of the present. As the Librivox lessons are rarely used by other members, I guess most of the learners feel the same. The quality of the recordings differs a lot.

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Thank you, Vera.

The thing is, it is not obvious how to search for courses. I was looking for a search bar after I press ‘+ New Course’, which is logical in my opinion, now I’ve found where it actually is.

Also time to time this site’s engine playing tricks, after clicking on the links you gave I get redirected to Login - LingQ
It can be confusing.

@lynxdaftpunk - “after clicking on the links you gave I get redirected to Login - LingQ…”

We are sorry about that. It is a known issue. We will fix it soon!