Need a guide for basic Japanese grammar

Could anyone suggest a good resource to learn Japanese grammar and sentence structure for someone who already has a basic grasp on vocabulary?




Try Kim’s guide, the “Japanese guide” is more elementary, the “grammar guide” very comprehensive

I can recommend the book “Japanese Grammar (Barron’s Grammar Series)”. In my opinion it’s one of the best sources, if you need a short overview and want to learn the basics.

There is also a nice “Cheat Sheet” for “Basic Japanese Grammar”. You can download the PDF here:

I would also recommend to use the Japanese dictionary app “imiwa?”, because it can recognise verbs even if they are not in their dictionary form. Furthermore you can import every text to analyse it and it will look up all(!) the words at once that you need to translate it. Pretty similar to LingQ, but much more effective. The separation is way better and the furigana are more reliable.

If you prefer watching videos to reading, I highly recommend to you to watch “Japanese Ammo with Misa” on YouTube. I think she is the best Japanese teacher on YouTube. Watching her videos have helped me to understand Japanese a whole lot better than just reading about the grammar rules in a book

Here’s a link to her YouTube channel.

I think one of her most helpful videos is probably this one where she compares は vs が.

That one video helped me out tremendously.