Neater reader view

Feature request: a setting in the reader view (both mobile and web) to allow viewing the text without added linebreaks between each sentence.

As it is now, I find reading distracting and annoying, especially when there are lots of short sentences. I would prefer viewing the text as set in the original source.

Hmm it seems that clicking ‘check spelling’ before posting loses the text in the post body…

Hi swalladge,
You can use “Full Text” view icon to show complete text on the right and follow it easier while listening audio.
The way text look in a lesson depends on how it’s imported. For example, I am uploading Mini Stories and I do prefer to put each sentence in new line while importing it. But text can also be imported without the line breaks.

Hmm I just tried importing some text again, and this time it didn’t automatically put sentences on newlines. What controls that behaviour?

It’s up to you to decide if you are going to upload it as a plain text or to put each sentence in new line and mark end sentence. In your case, it’s probably best just to paste as a plain text and import it that way.