Navigation with arrow keys

Hey guys

Is there a way to navigate with the arrow keys that “go over” EVERY word instead of only yellow and blue ones?
The reason I want this is for hearing the word as I read it.
The audio button is also not a solution as there is none when I create a new lesson.

Thanks for the feedback!

That’s not possible at the moment, I am afraid. You will need to click on a white word if you want to hear its pronunciation.

I thought so…

I’d imagine you already know about using sentence view, which lets you play text-to-speech generated audio for each sentence? There’s even a keyboard shortcut for it (A). Seems that might get you closest to the functionality you’re looking for. It’s how I read & listen when I have a text but no audio.

Yes, I sometimes use that. But I like to be able to re-read sentences or words without having to listen to the whole article :slight_smile: