Navigating the new system - finding friends

Not sure if this feature was squashed or if I am looking in the wrong place: There used to be a page in the find friends section where you could obtain a list of users studying the same language. On the panel to the right there was a list of names ranked by activity score or known words. At present I can find a list of people who have added Latin to their account (using Advanced Search for friends), and allegedly I can rank them by activity score, but the activity score/words known are not displayed, so I have to click on each individual user and go to their home page to learn about them. As a student of a beta language this was a quick way of keeping tabs on who is active in Latin from month to month. Any chance this page will be coming back? Thanks

On the page Login - LingQ on the right are the ranking tables.
The filters on the left are used to choose the language.
At least that is the top 20.

Very nice- Just like the rest of my computer problems, ‘user error’ was the cause. Thank you!

You’re welcome!