Navigating "My Lessons"

I have now accumulated many hundreds of lessons. Sometimes I want to go back to the lessons I first studied, but I don’t see a filter for that. Instead it shows the most recent lessons. If I go to the bottom where you can page through the lessons, then clicking on “…” does nothing and I can only go a few pages at a time through them until I am at the oldest lessons: VERY time consuming. Am I missing some way to get around my massive and growing lessons by “oldest” first instead of “newest”?

There is no way to sort by oldest first but you can search My Lessons if you remember the names of the earlier courses. You may want to activate My Courses, if you haven’t already so at least the list is shorter since it lists courses. You can do this in Settings. You can also use the filters to filter by level if your earlier lessons might have been at a lower level.

Sorry about that “…” control. That is a bug. We will get it fixed.