Native Italian Speaker Searching for a Native English Speaker!

Hey! Would you like to learn Italian?
If you’re a native English speaker, I’d be glad to help you!
I’m trying to learn English so we could chat anytime you want. I’m waiting for you. :slight_smile:

Hello there Claire!

I’m not learning italian at the moment, but in the future I will. Or I can add a 30 minute italian course to my schedule. Right now though, I’m doing an 6-month challenge of french to inprove it from intermediate to advanced. I’d like to help you in your english studies. I’m somewhat a tutor, but not an official tutor. So I wish we can help each other with our learning of foreign languages.

Hey Ozzy! That’s fantastic, French is the next language I plan to study! I’d be really happy to talk with you when you have some free time. I’m new to this community so I’m trying to figure out how everything works. Feel free to message me whenever you want. I can’t wait to hear from you and get to know you! :slight_smile:

Good to know! I can help you figure somethings out, but some other stuff I don’t about. I often help other people out like beginner french and beginner english students. I’d love to get to know you too. And wish to talk to you someday. I have a working mic, but it isn’t the best in the world though.