Native french would like to learn chinese, i can help you to learn french, and you can help me for chinese

I would like to learn Chinese with chinese people who would like to learn french. That s d be cool to exange ours experiences !

Hi, nice to meet you here. I would like to learn French here. So I would be glad to help you learn Chinese, in return it would be awesome that you help me learn French. Let me know how you wanna start.

Hi Arianna, nice to meet you. That s would be a pleasure for me to share my language with you. I m ready to start ! i give you my skype : said81200

ok, cool. will find you on skype.

Hi you can come in private speaking, and after come on skype togheter :slight_smile: have a nice day. Said

Hi, ok, will do so. thanks! you can do the same if you want. I have set the time as well. Have a great week. (Sorry I’m kinda tied up this Thursday).

Salut!Je m’appelle morteza.Je suis irannien.J’apprends français langue et je voudrais communiquer avec les Français,qui étudient persan.
je peux aussi parler un peu anglaise, allemand et arabic.