Native English speakers with accents other than Standard American or Standard British, who might have time on their hands for a bit of voiceover?

I’ve been working on some late-beginner/early-intermediate material in English which I would like to share on LingQ and which I’m hoping can ultimately be made available in other languages as well. I can record all the audio myself if need be, but I thought it was worth asing if there is anyone who…

a) is a native speaker of English with an accent that is under-represented in learning materials (say, Australian, South African, Irish, Welsh, Southern USA, African-American Vernacular English, Texan, Jamaican, Indian English … I have a Scottish accent myself and I think I’ve got someone already who can help with New Zealand);

b) has a good quality podcasting mic and a quiet space to record good audio, and

c) has nothing much to do during the current lockdown and therefore might be willing to help out with a bit of recording.

No big deal, but if anyone’s interested, please let me know.