Native English Speaker Searching for a Language Learning Buddy! :D

Hi, guys! As the title says, I’m a native English speaker. I’m learning German, Spanish, and French, but wouldn’t mind talking to anyone! :smiley: I’m mainly looking for someone who’d like to learn English and could help me with German, Spanish, or French.

Talk to you soon! ^ ^

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I don’t konw German, French and Spanish.
I’m learning English.Properly speaking.
I have been learning English for over a decade, but still not very good, especially on the spoken language, so I would like to find an opportunity to improve their spoken English.
And,I know Chinese.
If you don’t mind,add my skype:winsliver.

Hi kida i am looking to improve my english i am a native french speaker we can help each other.
My skype is abdel.idf

hi kida i am from india. i need to improve my communication skill in english. I need to growth my career to achieve my destination& goal. English skill only the key to open my each lock of my future. If possible please help me on this. its my bad luck i dont know about German, Spanish, and French.sorry and thanks in advance. my skype id is: ramesh_tn

Hi kida!! I am a native Spanish speaker and would like to exchange my Spanish with you. Here’s my id: roymorera1

hi!!! my skype is Belen Wolfgang… You and me help us because I need to improve my English, I`m native Spanish speaker and I can help you

I’m learning french as well , but i’m just a beginner , if you want we can help each other :smiley:

Skype ID: vitor_matos14

hi, everyone. My name is Zara. My native language is Armenian. I’m speaking Russian too. I would like to improve my English. If anybody have a space time and can help me it will be wonderful. best regards