Name missing from Leader Board

The name of one my students shows up on the LingQs leader board and the Known words leader board but it does NOT show up on the Streak leader board, even though it should.

This is important to me because I post snapshots of the leader boards to my class Telegram and Whatsapp chats.

This is the only way they can compare progress since they cannot see all of their fellow students. They can’t see all of the other students because I have people in different classes and because there is no way for them to find and follow each other on LingQ if they are in different classes.

What challenge exactly is it and what is his username? Let me know and I will check.

I will email you.

So…Today I found out that another student was missing from the streak leaderboard of people I am following.

I thought I would try something else. I created a new class and asked all the students to join it (who are really in separate classes) so that their statistics would show up together under the name of that class. THE SAME TWO NAMES are missing from that leaderboard as well (for the streak).

I have emailed you the second user name.

They say it is not that important to them, but they both have really good streaks going and it is demotivating if they don’t show up.

I need this fixed, please. Two of my students do not show up on the streak leaderboard for their class even though they have maintained their streak. They can see themselves on the leaderboard, but the rest of us can’t see them. This is demotivating!

@Jingle Towards streak case, please note that there is no bug. Those users selected Goal: 100 (Steady) for Spanish, but you are looking for them in the list of users with Casual (Goal: 50). If you change sorting by steady, you will see them.


OH! Thank you very much! I see what you mean and would never have thought of that! Got it. I will explain to them what is going on.