Myth and Folk Tales

Hi all,

I’m in the (slow) process of importing several videos for Intermediate - Lower Advanced learners on Korean myth and folk tales. These have lovely kids animations as well.

The subtitles always import with some mistakes, and I am also trying to touch up rough parts in the translations, so it will be a process. But let me know if there are other YouTube materials (etc.) you find that you think would fit well with this little course. Hope it’s interesting to some.

I don’t have anything to add necessarily, but I wanted to say thank you for building up the library! I’m currently beginner 1, but I’m looking forward to a time when I can benefit from this course ^^ It’s exciting to see new content being added because I know that there will be so much for me to explore once I get the hang of the basics!

Hi there, unfortunately I’ve had less time to do this than I hoped, but will get to it! The nice thing about these stories is that some are at the ‘sweet spot’ of upper beginning to intermediate level, but are really rich and fun to listen to/read. I’ll try to find some at the slightly easier side of the spectrum as well.

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